Bill Hyslop Art

Artist's Statement

In reviewing my work and trying to describe it, I go beyond treating my subjects as 'things', and imagine them energetically. If, as physicists tell us, the 'real world' is actually made up of energy fields, I view my subjects that way. I use light, rhythm, and motion to 'charge' my work. Perhaps more important, I try to work intuitively and in 'the zone.' Also, I try to make space in my creative process for my Muse, who may or may not show up and is not to be taken for granted.

Most of my subjects are upper Midwestern and include northern Lake Michigan's Wisconsin and Michigan shorelines, agricultural themes, and the geometrical rhythms I see in clusters of buildings and 'townscapes'. Old cars and tractors are simply fun. I paint places and scenes that are familiar and dear to me, but my most interesting work happens when I re-imagine these familiar scenes into 'mindscapes'.

I'm not a professional artist. In my other life, I'm a retired School Psychologist. I've been painting off and on for about 20 years. I'm self taught although I seek out useful criticism and study on my own. I value having my own style more than developing technical mastery or sophistication. I have had my work featured in several galleries in both Wisconsin and Michigan, and have participated in numerous juried shows. I have also done a number of house and building 'portraits' on commission.

Although I like most of my paintings, none of them quite measure up to what I had envisioned them to be, and I doubt they ever will. Thus, my life as a painter is a work in progress (as is my life as a man). As with most worthwhile things we pursue in life.... 'It's the journey'.

Please visit the Artwork Page to see an extensive collection of my paintings.